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GTex offers Real Cost and Time Savings as well as Immediate Environmental Impact  


Geosynthetics Technologies (G.Tex) is a Saudi Arabian company and regional leader in geogrid-based solutions for ground stabilisation, soil reinforcement, erosion control and various other applications. G.Tex is the leading geogrid manufacturer in the Middle East region, all its products are made in its facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

G.Tex has geogrid products and systems that offer practical solutions for a variety of conditions, from soil stabilisation solutions for poor soil conditions affecting the cost of roads, railways and paved areas, to earth retaining walls and slopes, reinforcement of asphalt to extend pavement life and erosion protection products for soil slopes and waterways.

With over 15 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and designing innovative, sustainable construction solutions as an alternative to traditional methods, G.Tex products and systems have been rigorously tested and studied by leading institutes, independent laboratories and national authorities. For more information about our products kindly visit our Products page

Our high performance solutions have been used in many civil engineering projects all across the region, including:  

  • roads

  • Embankment-foundations

  • working platforms

  • ports

  • housing

  • runways

  • railways

  • retail and commercial developments

  • mining

  • erosion prevention

  • waste industry applications


Please visit our Applications page or browse by Industry Sector to view the various solutions on offer. Kindly Contact us for more information or to discuss a solution designed specifically for your project.