Asphalt Grids

G.TEX manufactures Asphalt Reinforcement Grids. In a reinforced asphalt layer, our Asphalt Grid will delay the development of fatigue microcracking by absorbing traffic induced strain. The geogrid interlayer will either increase the fatigue life performance of the asphalt layer, or will allow the asphalt thickness to be reduced to achieve equivalent performance.

Our Asphalt Grid is a composite interlayer comprising a biaxial geogrid thermally bonded to a non woven fabric backing. The fabric backing eases installation and provides a long-term sealing effect when saturated with bitumen. Owing to the tensile strength and structure of the geogrid, the new asphalt layer is mechanically interlocked into the Asphalt Grid's apertures, thus providing reinforcement, stress relief and sealing functions.

Application benefits:

  • Reduced reflective and fatigue cracking

  • Reduced rutting

  • Extended pavement structural life

  • Initial and long-term cost savings compared with traditional rehabilitation methods


Asphalt Reinforcement