Drainage & Hydraulic Applications

G.Tex Hydraulic products such as Geonets and Geocomposites are normally used for filtration, separation and drainage systems to enhance the performance of road and railway structures and provide maximum capacity with minimum requirement for processed aggregate. 

Their applications vary from the control of water table in restricted areas to drainage around underground structures. 


Here are a variety of project requiring water drainage solutions using G.Tex products:

  • Behind Retraining Walls 

  • Underground Structures

  • Road Embankments

  • Railway Track Beds

  • Athletic Fields

  • Road Pavements

  • Parking Areas

  • Under Surcharge Fills

  • Earth Dams

  • Airport Pavements Underground ' 

G.Tex Hydraulic Drainage Applications

Whether the side slopes need to be stabilized using Geogrids or not, Geocomposites (geonet laminated onto a non woven fabric) together with geomembranes would form part or parts of waste management systems. The fluids can drain throughout the design life of landfills when using these products. The appropriate products can be selected depending on project needs and local soil conditions. 

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