Embankment Reinforcement

In soil conditions such as Sabkha, marshlands, loose sand, wadi beds, high water table and similar problematic soil conditions, it might not be feasible and environmentally viable to excavate the poor soil and replace it with selected fill material when constructing roads and railways embankments. 


In such cases, the use of biaxial Geogrids with nonwoven Geotextiles provides an advanced and cost-effective solution and may be the best for embankments construction. Biaxial Geogrids and/or nonwoven Geotextiles can be placed as a single layer at the base of embankment to intersect potential failure surfaces extending into the foundation soil. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 10.45.01 AM.pn

Depending on the traffic loading, height of embankment, bearing capacity of the soil and other local factors affecting the design life of the project, more layers of biaxial Geogrids may be required at a defined vertical spacing in order to enhance the reinforced zone. 


  • Rapid construction

  • Safe operation

  • Reduce loss of fill

  • Safe voids spanning 

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