Extruded Grids

G.Tex manufactures a wide range of Extruded Grids from carbon-cured High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) through a unique thermoplastic extrusion process (rotating die technology for diamond shaped) to produce many variations of grids.


Additives are used to enhance the properties of a particular polymer, for example, to provide color or resistance to ultra-violet light exposure. These grids range in dimensions, structure and characteristics depending on the application.


, there's lightweight oriented barrier fencing plastic mesh, and there's heavyweight mesh structures in excess of two meters wide which proved its effectiveness in erosion control, slope stabilization and sand fencing. 

Extruded Grids have a variety of applications:

  • Non-structural concrete surface crack control

  • Slope stabilisation

  • Sand fencing

  • Rock shield for pipes and other surfaces

General characteristics:

  • Light, yet strong and durable

  • Fast, safe and easy installation

  • Long life

  • Efficient and cost effective 

Non-Structural Concrete Crack Reduction
Sand Movement Reduction
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Gabions & Marine Applications