G.Tex Geocomposite materials are manufactured by the combination of Geonets with Geotextiles or Biaxial Geogrids with Geotextiles in such a way to obtain the best features of different materials in the optimal manner, the separation and filtration functions are satisfied and the drainage function is vastly improved. 

G-Tex Geocomposite drainage systems are increasingly used in construction and civil engineering applications as a more effective and economic alternative to traditional granular based solutions, the fluid enters through the Geotextile and then travels horizontally within the Geonet to a suitable exit. 


Used in a variety of application solutions:

  • Roadway and Pavement drainage

  • Subsurface drainage system applications

  • Capillary break layers

  • Salt barrier layers 

  • Foundation wall drainage

  • Landfill liners and cover systems

  • Ventilation layers

  • Gas release/collection layers 



Drainage & Hydraulic Applications
Embankment Reinforcement