Railway Track Ballast Reinforcement

The performance of any rail track is directly affected by the ballast and sub-ballast, which together form the trackbed structure. When tracks are built, regular maintenance of the foundation layers becomes more critical. Even routine maintenance requires some disruption to normal operations resulting in additional expense related to maintenance costs and lost productivity. 


G.Tex biaxial Geogrids give the railway engineers a rapid and inexpensive solution to increase the period between maintenance operations. Installed over trackbed soft subgrades, G.Tex biaxial Geogrids interlock with the ballast to provide an effective stable and reinforced composite foundation, allow reducing the sub-ballast layer for the same bearing capacity, and restrict lateral movements within the ballast to minimize migration of fines. 



  • Reduce ballast Deformation

  • Improve track Foundation

  • Alternative to increasing depth of Ballast

  • Reduce Maintenance Frequency

  • Reduce Elastic Deflections

  • Reduce Permanent Settlement

  • Quick and Easy to Install 

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